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Bees can enter homes in search of nesting sites, favoring secluded areas like wall voids or chimneys. Homes with outdoor access are susceptible to bee infestations. Certain species nesting in wall voids may enter indoor spaces via baseboards, outlets, and wall cracks.

As winter sets in, hornets take refuge near home siding, tree bark, and decaying logs, favouring compact openings. Their nests are commonly found on tree branches and substantial outdoor shrubs with tree-like qualities. With the arrival of late spring, hornets construct their characteristic paper nests on tree branches and beneath eaves. These creatures are frequently enticed by food scraps near outdoor dining spots

Pest Doctor offers all-natural and safe pesticide control treatments that ensure the best results and do not have any adverse effects on health or the environment. We use the most innovative and latest methods to carry out these pest control services.

Pest Doctor does not outsource any services. Our very own skilled and well-trained exterminators perform beehive and hornet pest control to achieve 100% customer satisfaction

Our Beehive and Hornet Treatment services Includes:

  • Conduct a comprehensive and systematic inspection of your entire premises.
  • locating pest-infected areas..
  • Spotting hidden corners.
  • Informing the customer about the extent of the infestation
  • >Including areas free from infestation.
  • Providing solutions to the affected regions
  • Implementing gel bait for treatment
  • Removal of strings originating from roots and complete breakdown of the infestation threat

What makes our Beehive and Hornet Treatment services in Bangalore a top choice?

  • Specialized treatment in affected zones
  • Their docile nature makes major contributions as pollinators, improving our ecosystem.
  • Search for a minute hole in the earth, approximately the size of a pencil's diameter, often surrounded by a small dirt mound.
  • The pest doctor closely monitors a key indicator of a nest: insects entering and exiting the hole, particularly in daylight when their activity is at its peak.
  • Look for nests in shaded spots; examine areas under trees or awnings.
  • Experienced, well-trained and fully equipped exterminators.
  • Expert and proficient pest eliminators in Bangalore
  • Opting for eco-friendly methods in pest control
  • Achieving long-lasting results through effective treatment
  • Guaranteed quality at its best price

What measures are suggested in Beehive and Hornet Treatment services?

  • A thorough examination is essential for accurate infestation treatment.
  • We focus on commercial spaces, residences, and manufacturing spaces, but not on smaller residential properties.
  • For safety, follow our exterminators' advice and keep children and pets away from the treated zone.
  • The nest is eliminated using appropriate insecticides containing government-approved chemicals.
  • Ensure that all openings around doors and windows are tightly sealed
  • Verify that there are no holes in your window screens.
  • Ensure garbage bins are sealed and positioned far from entrances.
  • The impact on adult and newborn bees and hornets may clear within 1–2 weeks
  • You should not use the treated area for at least an hour
  • AMC guarantees pest-free premises with 3 to 4 treatments annually

What is excluded from our Beehive and Hornet Treatment services?

  • Please note that after the first booking, the second and third services are not part of the single service. You'll need to book them separately, except for AMC services.

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Working Time

Service Time

30 minutes
To 2 Hours

No. of Staff

1 To 2

Equipment Used

Chemical Resistant Gloves, Gel, Sprayers, Mask

Service Warranty Period

2 Months


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